Gerald Moull
MyDocz Ltd
Christchurch, NZ
03 342 5550


  • Unix/Linux
  • Windows
  • Web, Email, Ftp
  • Database servers
    predominently SQL Server


  • c++
  • c#
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Basic
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Ajax
  • Javascript
  • Angular
  • Node.js


Extensive use of XML such as XSLT, SOAP etc, cloud and API, PDF or Excel documents, payment gateways, Facebook, optimising sites for Google search etc etc.

Tech Showcase

Sudoku by Mydocz

Sudoku by MyDocz has been created to showcase MyDocz's capabilities.

  • Responsive client presentation including animation and sounds.
  • Logic Javascript classes shared between server and clients.
  • Crypto 128 bit secure server side services in Node.js of shared 'best times'.
  • Data transfer between clients and server in both JSON & XML formats.
  • This website, including online viewing of 'Best Times' created using .Net, c# and XSLT page transforms.
  • A complete replication of the website in Angular is also served at
  • Hosted on MyDocz's Windows Server/IIS platform with data held in a SQL Server database.
  • App versions for Android and Apple iOS are created using Apache Cordova.

Various other technologies are incorporated into the showcase. For a fuller description, please see Technical Information.

Examples of Work

Budget Backpacker Hostels New Zealand

I have been maintaining the systems for BBH for 12 years. The primary website maintenance and development has seen 3 'generations' of wesite design. I have linked the site to various external systems, such as payment gateways and chanel managers.

I have exchanged data to and from the system into various formats including spreadsheets (eg for analysis) and PDF documents (eg insurance policy documents). I have also integrated rating data from the system into Facebook.

The website has seen 3 changes in server platform while I have been maintaining it.

The website publishes information, but is also highly interactive for such things as bookings, purchasing (insurance & membership cards), ratings, notice boards etc.

Christchurch Bar & Restaurant Auditors

I have set up a system and procedures to take information from cloud services, such as DropBox and SharePoint, to make data entry into their bar and restaurant auditing system more efficient using Android tablets.

Christchurch Taxi Company

This was a sales ledger system running on a Unisys mainframe due for decommissioning. The system had been central to the operations the organisation for 30 years.

The system was a mix of screen based data entry programs, reports and batch processes. Large volumes of data are processed through the system with some 1,500 invoices and 2,000 statements produced monthly.

I converted the system to browser based run on a Windows IIS web server with ongoing support over a number of years.

Central London Department Store

Stores that are hundres of years old need to keep up-to-date with the times to maintain their status. This very well known store wanted an online shop in the early internet days.

I was contracted to provide the middleware between their internet site and backend systems. Liaising with the internet and backend teams, I designed a built a solution that was both simple to use for both teams and proved reliable from day 1 in the 24x7 environment of processing web orders and exchanging product information.


Gerald Moull
MyDocz Ltd
Christchurch, NZ
03 342 5550